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The Company

WOXTER Technology, is conformed by a team of specialists dedicated to the creation, engineering & development of innovative consumer electronic goods. We believe users are looking for new experiences, not just products and we focus our attention into the creation process for maximize user experience.


Our company is based in Spain and Hong Kong and we have licensed distribution agents in Europe and Latinamerica, now we are expanding into Middle East and Asian market.

Our company produces a range of audio, video & digital products with a distinctive design, innovative look and feel aimed to providing top user experience and satisfaction. Our company has produced an extensive intellectual property rights portfolio of patents and technologies developed through our R&D operations, which are predominantly carried out in Spain and Hong Kong.



Our Natural 3D® patented technology is a revolutionary new approach to the vision experience and is the result of more than 60 man-years of research in optical field, unique in many ways to solve the basic challenges that traditional 3D technology faces.



Natural 3D® enables the enjoyment of 3D for any device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc) with a single camera, and does not require special dedicated addon hardware or glasses to be displayed. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and Natural 3D® is a real breakthru in consumer electronics with applications in photo, video, surveillance, multimedia markets, and many others.




Natural 3D® technology represents a disruptive advantage for those players who implement it in their products. For Imaging technology there is a new way. The Natural 3D® way.




We like what we do and we do truly enjoy our "Passion for Innovation". At WOXTER we are creating new disruptive business model "sharing emotions". Want to know more ?... Ask us for details.






WOXTER has won numerous prizes in specialized magazines and product Innovations (Home integrated systems at CES 2011) @ Las Vegas, USA.



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