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We are pleased to announce that our DJ Music App, the DJP (Disk Jockey Professional), has had a great success, having had more than 150000 downloads since Woxter launched the DJP.

Woxter Research and Development team developed this App in order to make the DJP Stereo Sound System more playful, providing a true musical experience where user was put in the first place, being able to make its own music and ear what they are playing at the same time.

The App was developed for people to enjoy a professional DJ mix table without the knowledge and expertise that a real one would require, making everybody able to use many of the tools that the real mix table has, in a simple and portable way.

The amount of downloads it is due to the successful launching of the DJP Stereo, that has inside the giftbox a card that informs about how to get the App. Americans and Europeans are the main users, but number of users in Asia has been increasing during the last year, due to the expansion of Woxter's business activities in this region.

We give thanks to all our users and hoping the experience was as good as the passion we put into it.