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Other Technologies


microBEAT “acoustic lens” patented (USA & EU) technology improves the dynamic range of the speaker with balanced acoustic properties that reinforce lower and mid frequencies, and thus the resonance volume, also improving the quality of the sound and the total output in that frequency range by +3dB.

Body structure becomes a natural pseudo-equaliser with unique sound, the speakers also can be contained in a patented adjustable support for al kind of smartphone/ tablet devices.


VideoLAN® technology enables the extension of HD video signal for home using existing power wiring lines (PLC) and delivers both power and video signal in 1 single cable .

VideoLAN® has been engineered  with one idea in mind: to be simple plug-and-play operation, convenient and easy to use.

The patented VideoLAN® system gets rid of the cabling mess near your TV, VideoLAN® can be attached hidden flat behind any TV screen, and the need to rewire your home for a new HD video signal including return channel, by using the convenience of your own existing powerline cables.


Follow-Me-TV (FMTV) patented technology enables a simple automated viewing angle rotation that follows viewer in any position in the room, FMTV  can achieve any solid angle stereo-radian up to 84º and can be applied to  visual or acoustic devices.

Due to its special design & configuration can be easily adapted to any screen type and size and has minimal footprint when installed, FMTV is perfect for 3D TV operation due to the requirement that the normal screen vector can be easily linked to coincide with the visual line of the user.